Taking Control of Your
APC Charge in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, it is illegal to be intoxicated while operating a motor vehicle or to even be sitting inside with the motor off and the keys in your pocket. You are still considered to be in Actual Physical Control of your car.

An APC charge in Oklahoma is treated the same as a DUI charge. That’s right. You may be sitting in your car waiting for your friend to pick you up and you still could be arrested for an APC violation with a range of punishments the same as a DUI.

The irony of an APC charge is that it punishes you for trying to do the right thing. However, Oklahoma and many other states take a pessimistic view of the situation by assuming, that since have actual physical control of your vehicle, your inebriated condition will cause you to make the bad decision to drive before you are actually ready.

Getting the proper legal counsel for your APC charge

You shouldn't think that your good intentions or logic will prove a good defense for your APC charge. The law is that being inside your drivable car with keys in any public place while intoxicated is cause for an APC arrest.

Just like a regular DUI, once the officer gets a whiff of alcohol, you will be in the middle of a full-scale APC investigation. Even though you won’t be Mirandized, anything you do and say from that moment on will be used against you.

Why you should take your APC charge seriously

An APC conviction in Oklahoma carries the same penalties as a DUI. You could be fined up to $1,000 and from 10 days to one year in jail; or both the fine and imprisonment. Administrative penalties are also the same, regarding the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. The damage to your driving record will cause your insurance rates to increase or coverage to be cancelled and your permanent record could possibly affect your educational and employment opportunities.

An APC charge isn't a simple case. An experienced DUI/APC attorney will be able to determine if the arresting officer followed the litany of regulations and procedures necessary to make your APC charge stick. You will want us by you side as soon as possible to fight your charge and prevent your APC conviction. Give us a call today.

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