Common DUI Mistakes People Make

Listed below are ten mistakes you should avoid before, during, and after a DUI arrest and/or conviction.

Taking a chance –

If you plan to drink, don’t assume you will be fine to drive afterward. Any alcohol consumption could lead to your arrest when you get pulled over by the police. Alcohol can make you feel confident in your abilities. This false confidence and risk could easily result in a DUI.

Talking to the officer –

Police officers are required to tell you why they are stopping you. They will ask for your license and registration. Anything not pertaining to these points is a DUI investigation. If you feel compelled to speak to the officer regarding the reason for your stop, don’t argue, lie, or volunteer any information.

You don't have to say where you have been, where you are going, or if you have had anything to drink that night. If your answers are in any way incriminating, they will be held against you. The police do not work for you, they work for the state. Rather than respond, you can say, “I choose not to answer that question at this time.”

Submitting to the SFST –

An officer will tell you, not ask you, to do the Standard Field Sobriety Tests. You do not have to perform these tests. An officer may inform you that if you pass some sobriety tests, you will be free to go. Spoiler alert; you won’t pass. The Standard Field Sobriety Tests are merely ways of gathering more evidence against you. You can refuse to take the tests and you should.

Refusing breath test –

Oklahoma has an implied consent law in effect. If you have an Oklahoma driver’s license, you have already implied that you are willing to take a breath test.

Failing to take the charge seriously –

Your DUI charge is serious. It can have a significant effect on your life. Your conviction could result in jail time, significant fines, the loss of your driving privileges. A DUI isn't a just bump in the road; it could negatively impact your life for years.

Accepting legal advice from your accusers –

From the moment the police officer stops you; advice will come to you from many people. The arresting officer, the booking officer, your jailer, your cellmate, your family and your friends will all have an opinion on what you should do. They are not attorneys; nor do they have your best interest in mind. No matter what they say, your case is unique and it is yours not theirs. You are innocent until proven guilty and nobody has irrefutable proof otherwise.

Failing to hire an attorney –

Not only is a DUI charge serious, it is also fraught with complicated rules and regulations that the police and prosecution must follow. An experienced attorney will know how to fight your charge, your DPS suspension, and even have evidence against you thrown out based on improper procedures. No matter how much you research the Internet, without an experienced DUI attorney, you are in over your head. You should retain your DUI attorney as soon after your arrest as possible. Their legal advice is in your best interest.

Talking to anyone about your situation –

Most people don't distinguish between a DUI arrest and a conviction. They feel if you have been arrested, you must be guilty.

Other than confiding in your most intimate friends or family, you should keep your arrest between you and your attorney. Your casual friends and others will cloud your thoughts with bad advice and horror stories, causing you undue stress. Do yourself a favor and only share your predicament with those who can actually help.

Failing to listen to your attorney –

If you have wisely chosen the right attorney, then your DUI charge isn’t their first rodeo. Even though they can’t predict outcomes, they know the best strategy for your situation. You shouldn't try to out maneuver your attorney. Surprisingly, the law isn’t always logical and it certainly isn’t a game. The right attorney will achieve your best results. You should listen.

There are many things you could do wrong during your pending DUI case. The above are the mistakes that will cause you the most problems. If you have any questions, consult the DUI Defender before you make any of the above mistakes.

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