Interlock Companies

An approved list of interlock service providers can be found at https://www.ok.gov/bot/ignition/app/list_manufacturers.php. Users may click on the name of the company to be directed to its website where a search for a particular location can be conducted. Listed below are a few of the locations in the Oklahoma City and Norman area. While prices and procedures may vary, typically, a first visit will include payment for the first month’s rent, an installation fee and a DPS sticker fee. Installation is about $35 and the sticker fee is $10. Monthly rental payments are about $65 per month. Depending on the company, the user will receive one of two types of devices. A “blow and hum” device requires the driver to blow into the device while simultaneously humming. A “blow and suck” device requires the user to blow slowly followed by a quick inhalation. The devices typically require rolling tests. This requires the driver to periodically blow into the machine to ensure another person did not start the vehicle nor did the driver become intoxicated after starting the vehicle. The devices are calibrated at a BAC level of around 0.02. This means a driver may not be able to drink even one alcoholic beverage and start her or his vehicle immediately following.

Oklahoma City

Smart Start, Inc. 2236 N.W. 10th St. Oklahoma City, OK, 73107 (800) 880-3394 #1 A LifeSafer of OK, Inc. 3424 S. Lakeside Drive Oklahoma City, OK, 73112 (405) 685-2522 Draeger Safety Diagnostics, Inc. 514 S. W. 25th St. Oklahoma City, OK, 73109 (405) 605-3090 Stillwater Smart Start, Inc. 2601 W. 6th St. Stillwater, OK, 74074 (800) 880-3394


Smart Start, Inc. Extreme Auto Options 330 24th Ave. N.W., Norman, OK, 73069 (800) 880-3394 Guardian Interlock, LLC 1008 N. University Bld. Norman, OK, 73069 (800) 548-3636 Draeger Safety Diagnostics, Inc. (by appointment only on Monday or Thursday) 928 N. University Norman, OK, 73069 (405) 605-3090

Public Transportation

Oklahoma City

Metro Transit - http://www.gometro.org/


Citylink - http://edmondok.com/index.aspx?nid=205


Cleveland Area Rapid Transit - http://www.ou.edu/content/cart.html


Norman (prices as of Sept. 5, 2013)

A1 Taxi Service (405) 321-3111 $3 load fee $1 per extra person $2.25 per mile Yellow Cab (405) 329-3335 $3.75 load fee $2.75 per mile $2 fuel surcharge $2 per person for the third and subsequent passengers

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