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Even though you may think that Oklahoma has severe DUI penalties, they don’t yet rank in the top 5 in the country on some points or even the top 10 in others. Regardless, Oklahoma DUI penalties are fairly strict and one would think, an effective deterrent. However, the non-government “agency” Mothers Against Drunk Driving, only gives Oklahoma 3 stars out of 5 given to states doing everything they recommend to deter drunk driving.

Because DUI crime is such an inflammatory issue, prosecutors and judges have little choice but to strictly enforce the law. Leniency attracts criticism that they are soft on crime and even complicit in the next DUI death in Oklahoma. Few want to have that accusation hurled at them. At however, our only concern is you and giving you the maximum protection of the law.

A First-Time DUI offense is a big deal in Oklahoma

In years past, a first-offense DUI was serious enough to ideally scare you into compliance to the law, thus avoiding a second offense. When second-offense DUI’s didn’t drop significantly, Oklahoma and other states enacted laws for a first-offense DUI that were extremely harsh, with near felony level penalties. Below are the Oklahoma penalties for a first-offense DUI.

For a first-offense DUI where your BAC was higher than .08% but lower than .15% the following penalties apply:

Jail: Minimum 10 days in jail up to a maximum of one year in jail

Fines: $500 - $1000 plus court costs

License suspension: 30 – 180 days

A chemical test refusal will net you a 6-month license suspension with an 18-month ignition interlock device requirement subsequent to that.

An Ignition Interlock device is also required for a BAC of .15% or higher.

Is there any defense?

Even though DUI proceedings seem to be very rigid, they aren’t without defense. In an effort to reduce DUI or even meet quotas that don’t officially exist, law enforcement may cut corners and initiate stops that have no reasonable probable cause, just to find excuse to investigate you for DUI or DWI. It is often their word against yours, especially when your BAC is below .08%.

We know the procedures police are required to follow to initiate a DUI arrest, when they don’t follow their own procedures, we may be able to have your case dismissed or have your charge reduced.

Why fighting your charge is so important

Besides not having to face the stiff penalties of a first-offense DUI, fighting and beating your charge means the next time you are stopped and investigated for a DUI, you won't be facing a second-offense DUI charge which is a felony, carrying the severe penalties associated with a felony.

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