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No matter how long it has been since your second DUI, a third DUI charge will be pursued as a felony. Even though you may be a loving husband and father who provides well for his family, there are those in society that see you, and have vehemently stated, that you are akin to a domestic terrorist. Despite this being an obvious hyperbole, many people will actually take this stance and treat you as such.

Public opinion

If you have been convicted of two previous DUI offenses, few, if any (other than us) will treat you as innocent until proven guilty. The arresting officer may go through the legal motions but even he or she may see it as a formality, since your previous convictions and bloodshot eyes are all the evidence needed to detain you until the breathalyzer confirms your guilt.

Unfortunately, multiple convictions of DUI put you in a unique category of non-person, seemingly unprotected from hate speech or slander. Three arrests and even your mother might not love you anymore. Despite these prevailing attitudes, we at still believe in you. We have not allowed public sentiment to skew our views of your humanity, dignity, or your right to protection under the law.

Fighting for your life

We make the preceding preamble because the laws and penalties governing a third DUI offense are life altering, career-ending, and relationship-dissolving type penalties that many never recover from without extensive family support. Our goal is to fight your conviction, seeking for acquittal or any other deal that could preserve your life and not destroy your family. Below are the Oklahoma penalties for a third-offense DUI.

Jail: Minimum 1 year in jail up to a maximum of 7 years in jail

Fines: up to $5000 plus court costs

License suspension: 1 year to 3 years

Community Service: 240+ hours community service

A chemical test refusal will net you a three-year license revocation with a subsequent five years ignition interlock requirement.

An Ignition Interlock device is required for five years or until your license is fully reinstated. (Whichever is longer.)

An Oklahoma SR22 insurance policy is required when you have your license reinstated.

At, we work so none of our clients has to face these types of penalties. Don’t leave your fate up to the courts, give us a call today for a free initial consultation.

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